Monday, July 30, 2012

My Cerebral Cortex

I heard about a recent  study that says people are more creative in an environment like a Panera or Starbucks or other public, bustling places,  because the activity and background noise stimulates the cerebral cortex.

Which is why I took THIS picture in Williamsburg, Virginia outside the Dog Street Pub! Really! I was only there for the cerebral cortex stimulation! See? I have my laptop and journal ready to go. See all the people and activity?  They are making me brilliant.


Same is true for this picture on the, um, … the beach, here in St. Pete’s. The picture does not show the kids playing nearby... or the band over in the courtyard singing some Jimmy Buffett song or the crowds walking the beach at sunset. 

 I’m attending the PCUSA’s Evangelism Conference, and trying to do some reading and writing. It’s all for the cerebral cortex, I swear. 

The tract of the conference I am attending is called, “What Are You Waiting For? Get Walking,” and is about one’s ‘walk of faith’ in transformational leadership. 

I hope my cerebral cortex is ready.

What IS MY CEREBRAL CORTEX WAITING FOR? Get walking! Get writing! Get reading! Get.... me some sunblock!

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