Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just sayin'...

Nothing profound here, just a quick contrast... and perhaps we should take a vote.

I am at my brother Andy's lakehouse in Iowa.  Brother Steve is also here.  We are calling it the inaugural Hennesy "Bro Fest." We talk. Listen to Music. Tell stories. And EAT.

Here is what we eat at Bro Fest: 

Colleen is home in Oswego.  Granddaughter Annika hangs out with her from time to time.
Here is what THEY eat:

Which meal would you rather have?  Vegans need not reply.

I'm just sayin' ...


  1. When in Iowa...
    But then again, it depends on the day.
    Can one vote for both?!

  2. BroFest. No contest! (The steak is cooked, right?)

  3. Show me the beef, BRO!!! Always wins!! (Although I must admit I did enjoy some raw fish a few days ago, too!)

  4. if i have lunch with colleen, i can still make it to Bro's for dinner - :)

  5. Steak every time. Bad experience with "raw fish"... tasted like lemon Pledge. Got beer?