Monday, June 25, 2012

Driving On a Mission From God

If this little blog entry has no meaning for you,I beg your forgiveness. But if you 'get it' then you are familiar with a classic movie called “The Blues Brothers.”  Please note, I did not say it was a GREAT movie or even a GOOD movie – I said “classic” as in: taking its place in the line of farcical, memorable and nostalgic movies, from which quotes and scenes will live on in the American psyche as long as people like me still laugh at how goofy it all is.

Anyway, this truck driver thought so, too. Because the shield-thingy on the back of his cab (does it have a formal name?) sported this oft-quoted saying from the above mentioned movie.   Do not dismay, I was not driving unsafely when I took this picture.  I was stopped-dead in traffic on the infamous Indiana portion of 80/94.  

By the way #1… another classic line from the movie, is “We are on a Mission from God.”  I use THAT one all the time!  

By the Way #2:  I received a birthday present of two tickets to see Dan Akroyd and Jim Belushi as the “Blues Brothers” at Ravinia.  Wooo hooo! 

So, put on your sunglasses.
Now “Hit It!”  

Happy driving.  But be safe -- you're on a mission from God.

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